The monastery is open daily for visiting by men only. Women are only allowed to visit the monastery on twelve days of the year. This is one of these days.
Camaldolese Hermit Monastery in Kraków (Polish: Kościół Wniebowzięcia Najświętszej Maryi Panny w Krakowie) is a Camaldolese priory in Bielany in KrakówPoland. The monastery is located on the 326-metre (1,070 ft) Silver Mount. It consists of hermitages and the Assumption of Mary Church.
The Camaldolese monks were invited to settle in Bieleany by Grand Court Marshal Mikołaj Wolski in 1603. The monastery was built between 1609-1630. The construction of the building was supervised by Walenty von Säbisch but after the collapse of part of the monastery the supervision over the works was subsequently taken over by Italian architect Andrea Spezza. By 1630, the monastery was completed according to his plans.
The richly-decorated interior of the church is the result of works by another prominent Italian architect of the period Giovanni Battista Falconi. Inside the Royal Chapel there are paintings by Tommaso Dolabella the court painterof the Polish king Sigismund III Vasa. The central part of the presbytery features a painting by a Polish painter and graphic artist in the Romantic style Michał Stachowicz depicting the Assumption of Mary.
Throughout its history the monastery was visited by such kings as John III SobieskiWładysław IV VasaJohn II Casimir and Stanisław August Poniatowski. On 19 August 2002, the church was visited by Pope Saint John Paul II during his pilgrimage to Poland.
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